In the summer of 2007, sisters Tammy Shivers Holder and Kelley Shivers Satterwhite decided to pursue their dream of opening a tumble and cheer business “home” in their hometown, Tatum, Texas. Parents, David and Debbie Shivers had always encouraged them to follow their dreams and not let anyone get in their way. However, as with any dream, you always have “dream stealers” and this was no different. Amidst laughter and jokes at the idea of opening a gym in such a small town, Holder and Satterwhite made the decision to press forward and prove they could succeed.

Holder, a school teacher and Satterwhite, a court reporting student, knew they would have to start small and so they found a vacant building on Whitney Street in Tatum. The building was only able to accommodate small classes and beginner athletes. The first open registration landed the sisters with 50-plus tumble students and around 14 cheer team athletes. The first team traveled to Arlington and participated in the Six Flags Competition as a Show Team.

2008 was a very exciting and emotional year for the sisters. Satterwhite married during the fall and moved to Utah. Holder continued to teach tumble classes and enlisted the help of Derrick Adams and Amber Cheatwood. The cheer team grew from 14 to 26 and the building on Whitney Street was no longer able to accommodate the athletes. The cheer teams began practicing at the Tatum Primary School Gym. This was also the first year to take a team to a competition at a competitive level. The team had a blast and learned a lot from watching many talented teams compete. 

During 2009 all tumble and cheer classes were held in the TPS Gym where Holder worked. She had reached a level that needed a larger facility and realized at this point that a successful tumble and cheer business in Tatum was a definite possibility. After talking with her family, Darrance Kelley, Debbie Shivers, and Linda Kelley and months of paperwork, Holder's family allowed her to build her own tumble and cheer business on a piece of family land on Johnson Street in Tatum.

The fall of 2010 EXTREME Tumble & Cheer had a brand new building, more tumble athletes, and is now home to many different level cheer teams ranging from Non-Competitive to Level 3 Senior.

EXTREME Tumble & Cheer continues to grow and produce successful athletes. Dreams really do come true.